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Film and Theology: Moana

Hope Community Church is hosting a Film & Theology event on Friday Night, April 21 in the sanctuary of Hope West. Our film this time will be Moana.

Every year I try to choose films for our discussion that pose an interesting question or deal with spiritual reality in a challenging and thought provoking way, and Moana definitely fits the bill. The film was nominated for 2 Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature, and was—in my opinion—the best animated film that Disney has released in the last decade.

This will be a little different than other film and theology nights we’ve done in the past in that we really would like to open it up for families to attendtogether—all ages are welcome to this one. 

I’m hoping that the earlier start time will help accommodate that. But—importantly—this is not just an event for families. Everyone is welcome to attend. I will actually be making up two different sets of questions for discussion: one for parents who want to work through some of the big themes with their kids, and another for those that want to dig in a little deeper to the film’s structure and consider how it relates to scripture.

We will watch this film in its entirety and then spend time discussing it afterward (If you haven’t already seen the film, check out the trailer below). Come at 5:30 for good seats and to get snacks. The film will begin at 6:00. We hope to see you there!

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April 21
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
707 10th Avenue South
MInneapolis MN 55415
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54 people
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Minn Rose (2)


Michael Fiore (2)

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Paul Hartzheim (4)

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Julia Engebretson (1)

Role: Set Up (Please Arrive at 4:30)
Rob Warland (5)

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